There is nothing more important than the safety of your child.

Infant CPR, Infant Choking… An Instructional Video

This video educates and empowers parents, family members and all caretakers of infants. Registered nurse, midwife and certified CPR instructor, Geraldine Hickey, gives parents the tools and confidence to assist any infant (newborn-12 months) in time of danger.

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Recent Activity

Baby Zone and Beyond is active in its outreach and education programs. Our recent activity in the community can be seen here.

SIDS Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

Oct. 24 2016 5:37 PM...

Should your child get a flu shot?

The flu can be very dangerous and young children...

Gagging versus severe choking.

Gagging: Is normal Baby’s gag reflex is close to...

More About Us

We are a company dedicated to helping you keep your infants and children safe. We do this through our hands-on CPR training and our instructional video, Saving Baby’s life when every second counts. Our training is concentrated on infants and children with thorough practice on mannequins.

Here’s what one mom had to say about the training which sums up who we are.

“Hi Geraldine, your class completely exceeded my expectations! You are so in detail and patient with the whole process. It really was a pleasure, and I will be spreading the word about your class to all of my new mommy connections! Thanks again for running such an amazing program.”

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Recent Child Safety Information

October 14, 2016 |

Should your child get a flu shot?

The flu can be very dangerous and young children are at the highest risk of getting it. The flu spreads when...

July 15, 2016 |

How to remove a tick.

Ticks and Lyme disease. New Jersey is a hot spot for Lyme disease. The ticks are found in wooded areas with lots...

March 24, 2016 |

National Poison Prevention week 2016.

John F. Kennedy who proclaimed National Poison Prevention Week in early 1962, together with his son, John F....

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