“A CPR Party in your home”

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Who doesn’t love a party?

Yesterday, I went to a home to teach an Infant/Child CPR and Choking class.

This is a great service Baby Zone and Beyond has been offering. It’s quite popular. Parents are busy. If they haven’t scheduled and taken a class prior to the arrival of the baby, it’s unlikely they’ll do so when baby arrives. And even more unlikely when baby # 2 arrives. But when in-home is offered there’s a much better chance  they will learn these lifesaving skills. The host, usually a mom gets her family, friends and babysitters together. Sometimes the host provides food and drinks, [not a mandatory requirement] I had 8 participants all mommies and babysitters. There was two little babies present. I allow the little ones to attend because they are not distracting, another great benefit of in-home CPR training.

 I set up my mannequins, they get settled and class begins. I find out who’s had Infant or child CPR training in the past. A small percentage have taken it at some point in their lives, usually as a lifeguard or in school. Most are attending because they have never been CPR trained or it’s been years. I explain what CPR is, the importance of it, the definition of an infant and child. I go over different scenarios for the unresponsive infant and child, the choking infant and child. Then everyone gets a chance to do hands-on training on the infant and child mannequins. They do it until they’re comfortable. There is no pressure.

 They leave the class confident that they could save an infant or child’s life in any emergency situation.

I am very happy to be able to provide this great, valuable and convenient service in your home.  BZ&B