Avoid hot car deaths.

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Avoid hot car deaths.

The greatest percentage of deaths from leaving a child in a hot car are unintentional. The parents are not “bad” parents. It is a result of forgetfulness in most cases. A parent just forgets about the child in the back of the car.

Heat stroke is the second leading cause of non-traffic deaths among children. The inside of a car heats up quickly with 80% of the increase in temperature happening in the first 10 minutes.

A childs’ thermoregulatory system is not the same as an adult. If a childs’ temperature rises to 107, their internal organs begin to shut down and this can lead to death.
Take the following steps to prevent a tragedy from happening:
  • Make a habit of looking in the back seat before leaving and locking the car
  • Put your briefcase, purse or cell phone in the back as an extra reminder to check the back seats
  • Put the diaper bag right next to you as another reminder

As a by-stander if you see a child alone in a car call 911 immediately.