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Your child gets cut and there is blood everywhere. What should you do?

Regardless of the type of bleeding the First Aid is the same.

  • Stay calm. Remember if it is from the face or scalp there may be a lot of bleeding because the skin is thin and the area is very vascular.
  • Expose the wound by removing or cutting the clothes.
  • Apply direct pressure using gauze, a clean cloth, washcloth or towel over the entire wound.
  • If bleeding is from the arm or leg, elevate the limb above heart level to reduce the blood flow.
  • If the bleeding continues do not remove the blood soaked gauze or cloth..apply more layers on top and keep pressing.
  • If the bleeding does not stop after applying direct pressure get medical help.

Do not use direct pressure on an eye injury, a skull fracture or a wound with an embedded object. Apply indirect pressure and seek medical help immediately.

Protect yourself. Do not use bare hands to stop bleeding unless it’s a last resort. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water after the bleeding has stopped.