Baby Zone and Beyond offers classes to help establish and develop knowledge around infant and child safety. Anyone is a candidate for our classes, and they are especially poignant for parents, expectant parents, nannies, babysitters and all family members taking care of young children. Select the link below for more information on the class and what it has to offer.

DVD Saving Baby’s Life…When Every Second Counts.

Free DVD Saving Baby’s Life…When Every Second Counts.

This award winning video educates and empowers parents, family members and all caretakers of infants, Registered nurse, midwife, Certified CPR instructor and owner of Baby Zone & Beyond LLC, Geraldine Hickey, gives parents the tools and confidence to assist any infant (newborn-12 months) in time of danger.

The instructional video in English and Spanish takes viewers step by step on how to perform infant CPR, how to save a choking infant and reviews SIDS precaution..

The video won the National Parenting seal of approval and was featured on PIX 11 news and NJ Star Ledger.