What is a CPR party and how does it work?

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What is a CPR party and how does it work?

It is a gathering in your home of your friends, family, babysitters, nannies and anyone else caring for your infants and children. Most people have never taken a CPR class because they simply never got around to it. It takes planning and the classes can be hours long and offered at inconvenient times. And besides, they focus mostly on adults. While it is very important to know what to do if your adult loved one collapses it is much scarier when your baby or young child stops breathing or is unresponsive.

Baby Zone & Beyond LLC has been offering In-Home CPR and First Aid training for years. I saw a need for a class like this years ago when I was teaching other baby classes. I would often get questions like, “What would I do if my baby choked”? or “What would I do if my baby fell down the stairs and hit his head”? I thought why not start CPR parties. People have parties for everything else. What better way to teach these life-saving skills.

I personally teach every class. I am an Neonatal Intensive Care nurse for 34 years now, owner of Baby Zone & Beyond, LLC and an American Heart Association CPR instructor. I know all too well how every second and minute counts when you have a baby who is choking or not breathing. This is what the class is all about. You learn how to immediately jump into action and take care of any emergency with your infant or child without panicking.

The CPR/First Aid party is for expectant parents, parents, family members and everyone caring for your young children. You gather your group and we set up a convenient time for me to come to your home. I bring Infant and Child mannequins. My class size is limited to 10 participants so everyone gets lots of practice.

The class lasts for approximately 2-2 1/2 hours depending on the group size. I take you through the steps of Infant and Child CPR and Choking starting with the worst case scenario. Participants have a mannequin and face shield for practice. We cover choking in depth since it is one of the biggest fears parents of young children have.

After completing the CPR and choking practice we discuss First Aid. I cover basic first aid for children including: many common minor mishaps such as nose bleeds, cuts, bleeding, head injuries, tooth injuries, burns, removing ticks and lots lots more. Since allergies are a big concern also for a lot of parents they are discussed and you get hands-on practice using EpiPens.

And I do not want to ignore your adult family member or friend should they become unresponsive or choke…we will review what to do also. By the time you leave the class you will be able to save everyone!

Handouts and a DVD are included. I strongly recommend reviewing and practicing scenarios on a regular basis. If you do not review all of the class material and practice regularly there is a good chance you will forget what to do when faced with an emergency.

The cost is $75 per person and includes handouts and a DVD “Saving Baby’s Life…When Every Second Counts”   ($19.99 on Amazon) The fee per person may be more depending on your location.

Must have a minimum of 6 people for this class.

Classes are offered in New Jersey only.

To sign up email or call me