First aid for animal bites in children.

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First aid for animal bites in children.

An animal bite can become infected due to bacteria in the animals mouth.

It is very important to make sure your childs’ tetanus is up to date.

Most animal bites are from dogs and cats. If your child is bitten by a wild animal it is important to report it to animal control. The animal may need to be captured and tested for rabies. Raccoons, foxes and bats carry and can transmit rabies.

What should you do for an animal bite?

  • Apply pressure if there is bleeding
  • If the skin is broken contact the doctor (they may prescribe antibiotics, give a tetanus boost and ? rabies shot)
  • If no bleeding clean with soap and water for several minutes
  • Dry and cover with a sterile dressing
  • Observe for any signs of infection especially if the bite is on the hand or foot

Get immediate medical help if:

  • There is a deep, wide and serious wound
  • The bite is on the face
  • The victim is an infant
  • It won’t stop bleeding after applying pressure for 10 minutes
  • There are signs of infection, redness, swelling, feels hot and painful
  • The bite is from a stray animal or the animal is behaving strangely

Make sure all your pets immunizations are up to date.

Never leave your young child alone with animals.