Head and neck injuries in children.

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Head and neck injuries in children.

Suspect a head and or neck injury if a child

  • Falls from a height
  • Is not fully alert
  • Falls from a height greater than the child’s height
  • Falls off a bicycle without a helmet
  • Got a direct hit to the head
  • Involved in a motor vehicle accident
  • Complains of neck or back pain, tingling or weakness in the arms or legs

Signs of head injury:

  • Has a seizure
  • Vomits
  • Does not respond or move
  • Is sleepy
  • Is confused
  • Has trouble walking
  • Inconsolable
  • Has trouble seeing

Actions to take:

  • Make sure the scene is safe
  • Phone or have someone else call 911 and get the first aid kit
  • Support the head and neck so it does not move
  • Only move the child if he’s in danger or is face down and needs CPR
  • If the child is unresponsive start CPR

If you have to move a child who may have a neck or spinal injury be sure to roll the child while you support the neck, head and body as one unit.