How does an in-home infant/child CPR class work?

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How does an in-home infant/child CPR class work?

One of my very popular classes is the in-home infant and child CPR training. Parents are very busy, working long hours and running around with kids. If they didn’t take a CPR class before the baby arrived then it gets put off and they don’t take action until an emergency arrives.

Baby Zone & Beyond comes to you.

Here’s how an in-home “party” works. I’ll give you an example from last Friday’s class. Maria calls me and we set up a date and time. She figures 5 to 8 people which includes her, her husband, their nanny, some family and maybe a few friends. It has to be evening because her husband works in the city and gets home late.

Thursday we’re in touch. The final number is 7 since one of her friend’s is not feeling well. She asks what she needs to do to prepare. I tell her I need a sturdy table and a floor space.

I arrive at her house at 7pm with my many infant and child mannequins, and all are ready to go. I do not like to start the until everyone is present. This class is too important to miss out on any of the information. My biggest challenge is to get everyone’s attention especially when I’m doing hands-on demonstration. Everyone one wants to chat and catch up.

It goes very well. I make sure to spend one on one time with each participant doing the compressions, breathing and choking maneuver.

We review the steps for infant CPR, infant choking, child CPR and child choking. Everyone did very well. They’re comfortable that now they could save their baby or child’s life if the need arose. They leave with brightly colored laminated handouts and some purchase BZ&B’s video Saving Baby’s Life…When Every Second counts”

I tell them to practice the steps at home and do in-home drills until they can do it without thinking.

All in all a great success. the feedback is very positive. Parents are thrilled to have this all important class offered in their homes and on their schedules.