Infant CPR and Choking video

Posted by on June 4, 2008 in General News | Comments Off on Infant CPR and Choking video

I’m very excited about the launch of Baby Zone and Beyond’s first video..Saving Baby’s Life…When Every Second Counts

I started this project over a year ago. I couldn’t ignore the fact any longer that parents leave the hospital with their new baby not knowing what to do in an emergency. Knowing how to save a baby’s life  is of utmost importance if you are ever taking care of infants. I’m an NICU [neonatal intensive care nurse] nurse and have worked in this field for 23 years. I teach infant in the NICU and infant and child cpr classes in my Baby Zone and Beyond business. A little over a year ago, I looked at how many people I was reaching each year to teach these lifesaving skills to and it was only in the 100’s. A DVD demonstrating these skills, I thought would help me reach a lot more. As I researched how to do such a video I realized Wow, this is a lot of work. It’s been an exciting, challenging time consuming project. But, a well worth while one. The final outcome is a professional, instructional video that delivers essential lifesaving information that every parent and caregiver of infants needs to know.

This week June 1-7 is CPR week. Make it a priority to get trained in CPR especially if you have little ones at home Make sure every babysitter, family member and friend knows what to do in an emergency if they are taking care of you infants. and children.