National Poison Prevention week 2016.

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National Poison Prevention week 2016.

John F. Kennedy who proclaimed National Poison Prevention Week in early 1962, together with his son, John F. Kennedy Jr. National Poison Prevention Week is particularly concerned with preventing the poisoning of children, who are the major victims of poisoning.

According to the CPSC an estimated 85,000 children younger than 5 are unintentionally poisoned each year in the U.S.

Poisoning can happen when a child swallows medications, liquid laundry Packets, pesticides, alcohol, drain cleaner, vitamins or spills or inhales bleach or other household cleaners.

Poisons can enter the body through different routes and several routes at once.

Children access medicines, household chemicals and other potentially harmful products in various ways. The majority, about 76 percent, of unintentional poisonings occur in the home, often with commonly used products

To reduce the risk of unintentional poisoning incidents, remember to safely store medicines, household cleaners and other chemicals out of a childs’ reach in the home.