Treadmills and kids don’t mix.

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Treadmills and kids don’t mix.

This is a picture of my friend and co-workers’ 5-year old son’s injury from a moving treadmill. Luckily his very quick thinking sister pulled the emergency stop button and tore away his shirt preventing a much worst injury…

Other potential treadmill injuries include head injuries, broken bones, trauma and death.

The moving belt of a treadmill can cause friction injuries or entrap small fingers, hair, and clothing if children get near the moving belt.

The scrapes from the treadmill belt can be severe enough to require skin grafts or plastic surgery. Motorized treadmills pose special dangers because the treadmill belt will continue to move until the user hits the stop button or the safety clip disengages. These extra seconds while a finger is trapped can mean a greater injury.

Injury prevention

  • Adults should arrange their exercise times when young children are not present
  • Keep children away from treadmill until they are tall enough and mature enough to operate it safely
  • Fold it up when not in use but be aware that it is not posing a tip-over hazard
  • Lock it away or unplug it when not in use
  • Cords should be put in a safe place so they don’t present a strangling hazard

Children who use a treadmill with or without supervision may stumble, fall, and get propelled off the back or side of the treadmill.

When a child appears to be mature enough to use exercise equipment safely, give them a thorough walk-through of all of the operating commands and safety features.