Using an epinephrine pen.

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If a child has a history of anaphylactic shock or they have severe allergies they may be carrying an epinephrine pen or epi-pen.

It comes in a pediatric dose for a child.
You need to know how to use it.

Call 911 or have someone call if the child is having symptoms of an anaphylactic shock.

Hold the pen in your fist with the black tip pointing down.

Pull off the grey activation cap opposite the black cap with your other hand.

Hold the black tip near the outer thigh of the child getting the injection.

Gently but firmly jab the black tip into the outer thigh. This can be done through clothes.

Hold firmly in the thigh for about 10 seconds.

Remove it and gently massage the injection site for about 10 seconds.

Check the tip that was injected. If the needle is exposed the dose was received.

If not repeat the steps.

Carefully put the pen back in the carrying case.

Save it for emergency personnel.