What happened?

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In any emergency with children, take “five” seconds to take a breath, make sure the scene is safe and try to figure out what happened.

By determining what happened you can help the injured child. Ask yourself a few questions.

1. Did he choke? Is there small objects close by? Was he eating?

2. Is he in contact with fire, water, electricity?

3. Did he fall?

4. Is he moving?

5. Is he breathing?

6. Is there something he came in contact with that could have caused an allergic reaction?

7. Is he wearing medical jewelry that indicates that he has a medical condition.

8. Is he bleeding?

9. Does he have obvious injuries such as burns, bites, stings or a puncture wound?

10. Is he able to talk to you?

11. Is there other people involved?

The more information you can give the 911 dispatcher about the child and the emergency the better. This can only help the child to recover more quickly.