We are a company dedicated to helping you keep your infants safe. We do this through our Ultimate Infant Safety Zoom classes.

Here’s what one mom had to say about the training which sums up who we are.

Thank you!

Geraldine’s infant safety class was just what we needed as we navigated our first few weeks with our newborn. We were able to really understand the steps we would need to take in case of an emergency. We also got a wealth of other information about SIDS and things to look for with our new baby. Geraldine did a wonderful job incorporating videos into her Zoom class which helped us to visualize each step. She also took the time to answer any additional questions we had and explained anything if we were unsure about a certain step or part. Taking this class was over Zoom was extremely convenient for us, especially with a newborn at home! Thank you Geraldine!

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