Infant and Child CPR, Choking & Basic First Aid

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Infant and Child CPR, Choking & Basic First Aid
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About this event:

Created by Geraldine Hickey RN

USD 70.00

Infant & Child CPR, Choking and Basic First Aid for Children

Who should attend?

This class is a must for expectant parents, parents, family members, babysitters, nannies and anyone taking care of infants and children so they can instantly react when faced with life-saving decisions to protect and keep a child safe.

Class Time:

2-3 hours

Class description

This class is based on the American Heart Association Family & Friends Guidelines.  By the end of the class, you will:

  • Recognize the need for infant and child CPR
  • Understand the common reasons an infant or child would stop breathing or become unresponsive
  • Know the CAB’s of Infant & Child CPR
  • Know the symptoms of mild and severe choking in an infant and child
  • Know choking maneuvers for an infant and child
  • Know when to call for help
  • Know what to do for a pregnant woman choking
  • You’re pregnant…how to save a choking child without hurting yourself
  • Know how to take care of yourself if you’re alone and choking
  • Know adult CPR and compressions only CPR (Does not include hands-on practice)
  • Poison control phone number and when should you call?
  • Basic first aid for children including bleeding, tooth injuries, allergies, seizures, burns, animal bites, head injuries and lots more
This course features hands-on skills practice.

Includes handouts and DVD “Saving Baby’s Life…When Every Second Counts”