The Ultimate Infant Safety Zoom class

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The Ultimate Infant Safety Zoom class

Infant CPR, Choking, Emergency Preparedness &

Your Newborn’s First weeks home “What’s normal & What’s not”?

This class covers Infants (Newborn-1 year).

This class is conducted via Zoom. Learn how to provide CPR, relieve choking on infants, emergency preparedness and Your Newborn’s first weeks.

Who should attend?

This class is a must for expectant parents, parents, family members, babysitters, nannies and anyone taking care of infants so they can instantly react when faced with life-saving decisions to protect and keep an infant safe.

Class Time:

2 – 2 1/2 hours

Class description:

This class is designed by Geraldine Hickey, RN and content is based on her 35 plus years  experience working with babies and their families. She knows all too well what can happen if a baby chokes or becomes unresponsive and nobody knows what to do.

Infant CPR:

  • Recognize the need for infant CPR
  • Understand the common reasons an infant would stop breathing or become unresponsive
  • Know what an unresponsive infant can look like
  • Know when and how to call for help whether alone or with others
  • Safely move the baby to a hard surface
  • Know how to remove clothing from chest to landmark for compressions
  • Learn the steps CAB (Compressions, Airway, Breathing) of Infant CPR

Infant Choking:

  • Common Choking hazards
  • Gagging versus choking…what’s the difference
  • Know the symptoms of mild and severe choking in an infant
  • Mild Choking symptoms…what do you do?
  • Severe choking symptoms…what do you do?
  • When should you call for help?
  • Why you should never do a blind finger sweep

Emergency preparedness:

  • What is First Aid?
  • First Aid Kit and contents
  • A must have list everyone taking care of your infants should have access to
  • Poison control phone number and when should you call?
  • Steps to keep your infants safe including bathroom, stair and water safety

Your Newborn’s first weeks at home:

What’s normal and what’s not?

  • Feeding difficulties
  • Urine & Bowel movements
  • Umbilical cord care
  • Jaundice
  • Temperature
  • Breathing difficulty


  • SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome)
  • Reduce the risk by taking these precautions


Review and practice scenarios in class on a doll or stuffed animal